There are many websites providing API (Application Programming Interface) to explore and use website data. Some companies release API wrappers, while others just publish an API and independent developer group will wrap their API in common programming language (e.g. 🐍 Python), which can be used by large community.

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An organisation creates a public-facing API with the intent that others can use. APIs may be well documented by the company if not, there could be API wrappers created by smart developers for us 🙂. …

First, let’s understand what is Progressive Streaming?

Progressive Video Streaming: A single video file is streamed over internet and served to user. This type of video file is often .mp4, but it can be other formats as well. Here the same video file is served to different devices (likes Mobile, Desktop), hence the video quality can vary on devices having different screen size. And again the same file can take different buffering time for different internet bandwidth available on the devices.

Adaptive Video Streaming solves these two problems:

(a) Video quality issue on different devices,

(b) Buffering time issue on…

The blend of virtual and real world has brought our imagination to reality. As Virtual reality generates realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that put spectacular imaginary world around you, on the other hand, Augmented Reality adds virtual stuff to your real world environment.

Virtual Reality: VR is fully immersive, which drags your senses into a virtual world apart from the real one. It is a computer-generated world of imagery and sounds in which you can manipulate objects and move around using haptic controllers while tethered to a console or PC.

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Augmented Reality: AR overlays digital information on real-world elements…


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